Posted by : Aggie♥Anni Monday, 6 August 2012

Hi!! I´m back! :D Finnaly! :D More ABBA BD! YEY! I missed posting here!

Enjoy the post!


Benny: Look at me! My face is bigger than yours!!
Agnetha: But my smile is the most beautiful :p


Benny: Really? Agnetha is amazing? I don't think so!
Agnetha: Slutty...


Anni-Frid: UHUHUH!! Go to cut your hair!
Bjorn: NOOOOOOO! Help me Agnetha!

Anni-Frid: HAHAHA!! Agnetha? :o Your wife is Lena! OMG, YOU STILL LOVE AGNETHA!
Björn: HAHAH NO! :(

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  1. Long time without posting!! Nice your posts are back :D!! I like the pictures you post ^_^!!



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