Posted by : Aggie♥Anni Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hello! Today, the WedAgnetha is about... Her Voice!!


She love sing.. She is beautiful, with a pretty voice ( The Winner Takes It All )

And she is amazing! Her voice have energy ( The Heat Is On )

She's a doll!! She is an unreal girl, but in fact, she is really human!  ( Wrap Your Arms Around Me )

And she makes a kind of  fire on our hearts, with her voice! ( Let Is Shine )

Agnetha forever, she'll be loved always for everyone ( I've Been Waiting For You )

Words?  Sing a new song, Agnetha! ( Chiquitita )

The lights on Agnetha's Eyes! Make her shining .. ( Can't Shake Loose )

We Love You Agnetha!! Come back to sing!! Please *.* ( The Day Before You Came )

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  1. Eu gostaria tanto que a Agnetha ou a Frida (ou as duas!) voltassem a gravar alguma coisa... Nunca vou desistir de esperar por isso.

    Aquela segunda foto também é a minha preferida! Amo demais por causa do sorrisão das meninas ;)


  2. Obrigada Karine!!
    Também adora que gravassem :( Mas de certeza que elas vão voltar,é perciso esperar! :D




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