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Late: WedAgnetha - Movie Raskenstam

Hi! Sorry but I couldn't post onn this Wednesday.. but I post now. Ok?! :D

Agnetha participated in one movie: Raskenstam

 So here's the movie (Without legends):

♥♥♥ And for fun!! ♥♥♥

  The film is Swedish .. But what I noticed some parts, and I want to share some information that I got: 

  The man (with the mustache) gets involved with women from families with money. After, that women gets pregnant, and  he asks them to marry. He's a villain and then, everyone will discover who is him actually. When he goes to the cell, the cell is full with flowers because every time he visited that women, he gave always bouquet of flowers to them.

  I searched more about Gustaf Raskentam, and I discovered that he really exited on real in Sweden. So, the movie is relating a real case.

 Agnetha was very well on the movie, congratulations Aggie!

Enjoy the movie!


Hello! Today, the WedAgnetha is about... Her Voice!!


She love sing.. She is beautiful, with a pretty voice ( The Winner Takes It All )

And she is amazing! Her voice have energy ( The Heat Is On )

She's a doll!! She is an unreal girl, but in fact, she is really human!  ( Wrap Your Arms Around Me )

And she makes a kind of  fire on our hearts, with her voice! ( Let Is Shine )

Agnetha forever, she'll be loved always for everyone ( I've Been Waiting For You )

Words?  Sing a new song, Agnetha! ( Chiquitita )

The lights on Agnetha's Eyes! Make her shining .. ( Can't Shake Loose )

We Love You Agnetha!! Come back to sing!! Please *.* ( The Day Before You Came )


Hi babys! Today I'm posting an another ABBA BD! Enjoyy!

Agnetha: This is my smile... forced.


Man: This doll it's for you.. and is you!!
Agnetha: Oh thanks!! (*I´m so ugly*)


Anni-Frid: HAHA! Look at the chicken! 
Agnetha: I'M NOT CHICKEN!! Just BELIVE!!!!!!!


Agnetha: OMG I'm crazy.. for you, my love! I love you! I want to kiss you darling!!
Björn: Take it easy... In concert no, ok? At bedroom, ok?


Agnetha: Yes.. I can!!!
Anni-Frid: Agnetha loves Barack Obama... 

Anni-Frid: See my sweet nose :)

In Concert- Girls (Agnetha and Anni-Frid)

Hello..It's the time for girls' photos.. in concert! Enjoy it!

Anni-Frid: I'm alone on the show?

Agnetha: No! My lovely friend!!! You will never be alone!

Anni-Frid: Thanks!! Now is my time to be a Star!
Agnetha: EYY!! 

Agnetha: It's also my time to be a Star..but..

Anni-Frid: What Agnetha?
Agnetha: It's our time to sing, together!

Anni-Frid: Yes... And dancing!!!
Agnetha: Like the dancing queen!

Anni-Frid: Yes!!
Agnetha: Let's get crazy!

Anni-Frid: No.. More soft..
Agnetha: Like an angeleyes?

Anni-Frid: Yes, my blue eyes...
Agnetha: *sing with all her heart*

Anni-Frid: *sing with her love*
Agnetha: I see the future Frida..

Agnetha: We'll be seen by a lot of people!!
Anni-Frid: But.. now we are famous!!

In Concert- Agnetha

Hello.. Today is about Agnetha in concert.. Enjoy :)

Agnetha: My fans are my world ..


Agnetha: I adore you!


Agnetha: Oh life .. Fame ...


Agnetha and her wonderful smile :D


Well.. Her famous ass.. Words? No..

Agnetha: What is it? They want to take the pants and underpants?! 




Agnetha: Voulez Vous!


Agnetha: Like a boss!

The Star of the show...


Agnetha: I don't wanna be a star, just wanna do what I love.


Agnetha: This my words.. Fame? No, please...

In Concert- Björn

Hi Hi! Is the time of Björn in concert :) Enjoy Björn's fans!

Björn shine in concert with his guitar!


Björn concentrated!!


Björn: Oh right!!! Take it easy!! I have wife!


Björn: ta ta ta lala la la!!! Thanks.. It's my world :)

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