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Hello! This is our first WedAgnetha here! I'm so happy! 
Today, the first theme for WedAgnetha is... Agnetha's Sunglasses!
Enjoy it!

I like this sunglasses.. Are well to her skin color!

Blue glasses.. With blue eyes! :) Looks great.

I love this glasses! Are so fashion! This model is now back in vogue!

Humm.. I like :) A bit.

She looks like a cat here, I love that glasses

This sunglasses are similar to the rider. Aren't my favorites ..

So cutie with that! HAHA She look great with this glasses! 

Whaaat a BIG GLASSES!!


Conclusion: To Agnetha, she really love sunglasses. She had a huge collection of glasses .. Until you get her good! 

Suggestion: Agnetha, don't use glasses too square or round and uses them quite large. :) 

In Concert- Benny

Hello! Yesterday I posted about Anni-Frid at the concerts, today is about Benny.. Benny in concert! Enjoy it!

Benny: Ok.. I'm not good to sing but.. I´m normal ;D


Benny: The girls loves my body ;D


Benny: I have so glam..


Benny: Tahh tahh.. LA La La


I love Benny's eyes ;) My angel boy :)


Benny: I'm super!


Benny: Thank you for you read it about me! By the way, comment it! :D 

In Concert- Anni-Frid

Hello. How are you? I'll now post photos of Anni-Frid in the concerts.. She is very sexy at concerts and good singer, amazing singer. So.. Enjoy the photos! Nice week!

Anni-Frid: Sing with me!! Money Money Money..


Anni-Frid: Humm.. Your love will get to me.


Anni-Frid: I have a dream..


Anni-Frid: Hey!!! You're my dancing queen!!


Anni's Body *_*




So sweet this photo!


Anni-Frid: Welcome to ABBA Concert!! And thanks for you read my post, about me :)

New: WedAgnetha

Hello ABBA lovers, how are you? Every Wednesday I'll post a post about Agnetha. It's all dedicated to her! :) It's called "WedAgnetha" Hope you enjoy! Starts next Wednesday.

Stay tuned! Kisses!


Hello everyone! How are you? I'll post another session of "ABBA BD" .. : p Enjoy!

Not only Agnetha have the best ass .. Benny too! Yes sir .. 


Anni-Frid: Eih! Intruder! Disappears!


Anni-Frid: I'm the queen babies :)


Anni-Frid: Bravo!! She knows how to tie the laces!
Agnetha: I'm not idiot just because I'm blonde!


Hello ;D Yesterday was Linda's birthday ! :) So I'll post some photos of her.

Linda with her Björn's face lol.

I find this so cute!

Mummy and daughter !

Happy day Linda! ;D

Week of love ;)

Day: 14/02/2012 is the Valentin's Day ;D And i'll post ABBA pics about love ;D

The love are..

Fabulous. Just a UGG TO SHOW LOVE!

Make love.

The kiss..

It make someone really happy.

The fellings..

The smiles..



Special Photos!

 Hi! Today I'll post my favourites pics ;) Enjoy ;D

My funny girl :3

Actually I love it so much!

ABBA and their tipical picture! ;p


She is so beautiful. 

Ohh! Her SMILE! I love you :3


Hello people! Today I post a new "ABBA BD"! Enjoy


Agnetha: Oh yes.. I don't like this.. Photos, stupid people and I hate my t-shirt :(
Björn: I need my guitar
Benny: Hey!!! Look at me!
Anni-Frid: No! MEE!


Anni-Frid: I'm perfect, OK?!


Boy: I´m smart, i'll kiss in Benny's lips! And you not! MUAHAHAHAH!

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