Posted by : Aggie♥Anni Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hello guys! Maybe, is the last "ABBA BD" of this year! :) Well, we'll finish with a big "ABBA BD"! With very laughs! :D Do you are ready? Enjoy!!! :)

Agnetha: Oh yes.. Now I'm going to get a tan and all the cats crying for me... Bye bye Björn..


Anni-Frid: What happened? They want to take pictures? Seriously, this isn't the best time to do this.
Paparazzi: But is ju..
Anni-Frid: Shut up! You can't see my face?! Make sure that you don't want to see me breaking your camera. If you insist, I do it!


Anni-Frid: I'm so tired. Hans is trying to play the piano, and just know bullshit. It's all the night!


Benny: I'm the 007. Tell me, whats happen?


Benny: I'm the house man!


Björn:  Agnetha doesn't give me kisses, so I'm going to kiss my dog ​​.
Dog: Come on and kiss me!


Agnetha: Hmm .. I can't reach the nose ..


Agnetha: Get off me, ugly!


Man: Ah .. I think our tongues are stuck.
Agnetha: Oh my god =/


Anni-Frid: Well .. Let me pose for a picture.

Kiss and Happy New Year from ABBA BEST :D

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  1. Adorei as fotos, Carolix!


  2. Obrigada querida!! Feliz ano!!
    Beijinhos da carolix!



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