Posted by : Aggie♥Anni Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hello again. Today I post a new "ABBA BD"! Enjoy ;D


Anni-Frid: So delicious! ;D You will enjoy it!
Agnetha: I don´t think so..


Agnetha: You are lazy, like you father! Go now.


Psii... HOW THEY DID IT?! It's same!


Anni-Frid: I hate you Björn
Björn: haha Jocker, you love me.
Agnetha: Oh Benny, you are so cute *-*
Benny: Stop! Can I see my girl?


Benny: So cold!!!!!!
Agnetha: Oh my god! Is hot!!!
Björn: Very hot baby..

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  1. Ri muito com as tuas legendas, Carolix! Adoro esses posts divertidos ;D


  2. Haha Obrigada pelo comentário querida :) Ainda bem que gostou. O meu inglês também não é do melhor, haha ;p

    Beijinho da Carolix



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