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Hello! How are you? Today I will post again more an "ABBA BD"! Well, enjoy it!!


Agnetha: HA HA! Finally! I see a werewolf! EHEH!


Linda (Thinking) : UUG! I hate food made by my mother!!
Agnetha: Humm Linda, is for you! Your favorite food!


Agnetha: HEYY! What's your problem!? You never see it??


Agnetha: EYEH! Very good singers!!

Anni-Frid: Ok, it's my normal face, baby! ;)


Anni-Frid: Oh! Thank you lovelies, but I love more Benny.


Benny: Do you like it, paparazzi?? No? IS YOUR PROBLEM!

Special Frida!

Hello, today I'll post some photos specially for Frida! :D Enjoy it! ;)

Girl of the sun!

I've money *__*

She is cold. W_W


Look at this wonderful smile!

Ice Cream HUMM!

And she's sending a kiss! :p

Special Photos For Me

Hello people. Today i'll post photos very specials for me. I wish you enjoy! :D

It's special because was the first meeting of ABBA after finishing. 


I find this really cute!


ABBA The Movie? Maybe :)


I really love this photo.

Tribute to Anni-Frid

 Hello again.

Today our princess is 66 years, many congratulations! I bring a couple videos to pay tribute to our Princess! She suffered a lot as a child without parents, she lost her daughter and her husband. I think we should have the conscience that she passed, and I thank our beautiful for all that has given us. Her unique voice, the way she is. With her ​​I learned to be strong, and that I will not forget. 

 Thank you Anni-Frid  




You are super! You're an example to us!  

We love you!

Happy Birthday Anni-Frid!!!

Hello my darlings, What's up?

Today is the birthday of our little princess! Happy birthday love! Have a very happy day! 

If you had not been in the world, the music was nothing! Happy birthday!


Kiss, ABBA Best!

Love and Love

Hello! How are you? Today I bring you some romantic photos. Enjoy the love..

Love is.. Love

And happy days.

Love is.. Oh my god, I love you!

And is the art of kissing.. I LOVE YOU!

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