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Hello, today I bring again with "ABBA BD"! I hope you enjoy!!!


Björn: HEYY!! Did you see that??

Agnetha: No! I didn't!

Anni-Frid: Stupid, there!

Benny: What?! I'm just practicing my reflexes!

Agnetha: Marksmanship! HA HA HA!

Anni-Frid: I know, it's my boy *.*

New and Old!

Hello fans of ABBA! How are you? Today I bring you photos of our beautiful ABBA, how they was and how they are. See how they are alike!

Old: So beautiful smile like she was young! :D 


 Same beautiful smile, can spend years and years... still the same. 

He's always professional and cute!

Always with the same appearance.


Hello, how are you? ABBA means love, happiness, feeling, work, honesty and above all friendship. So, I bring some pictures here very sweet. Enjoy!

Friendship is the feeling  more natural.

Friendship isn't by any interest, but to the bad and the good times.

Friendship is worldwide. No changes to race or wealth.

Friendship is so strong that even our heart beats with joy.

We are not the mirror of others, we are always ourselves.

Friendship is a union.

There may be no words to describe the emotion of friendship.

Friendship is something special for farewells and reunions.

Friendship is one of the most important things on the world.

Friendship can lead to love, great love.

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