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Watch your camera!

Hello everyone! D you know those moments, when you're taking a photo, and don't look into the lens of the camera? Clearly, it happened often with our ABBA! Today I bring some fun photos:) Enjoy and have big laughs!

Frida, looks away :) Just to be different .. Look for another camera..

Björn controlling his ex-hife.. Look at Agnetha, she is kissing man's face, but Frida not, because Benny was jealous.

Anni-Frid and his laugh attack!

What did Linda?! HAHA Look at Frida!

Björn, we all know she's your love! :D

Very strange photo because anyone is looking at the camera O.o..

Our Agnetha giving affection to a Björn :).. We know that it's cute.. BUT LOOK AT THE CAMERA!

I like the style of Benny's leg!

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