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Hello again. How are you? I'm posting more photos but now about the ABBA"kids". They are very important for them! I hope you like it! Big kiss!

Agnetha and Linda! So cute! This photo is a rare one.

Linda found the world! :D AHAH

Björn, Agnetha and maybe.. Christian!

So cute Christian <3

Linda and her friend.

Christian when was a little baby with 3 days!

Lisse-Lotte (maybe)

Lise-Lotte so beautiful face! The same as her mother xD

Christian loves his father!

Benny and his Ludvig!

Lise-Lotte and her Mickey t-shirt xD

Linda and Christian. See the hair of Christian. So lovely!

1979 - (I have a dream).

Björn and Linda in France.

Agnetha walking with her babies :D

Christian .. What a cute baby!

And to end.. Hans and  his Minnie t-shirt" (Lise-Lotte and Hans love Mickey and Minnie)

Rares Björn

 Hello, how are you? I've been busy and couldn't post. Well,  now I bring the rares from Björn. Enjoy it and kisses!

Björn: Exactly! 

Ooh pretty young Björn!

Björn: Let my feet alone!

Mamma Mia ! Studios.. He misses ABBA times, I guess :'|

1979 pool party.

I love that picture!

Run .. Run.. RUN!

What a athletic boy! 

Oh god! He playing golf.

Very cute, no?

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